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Patricia Wilson, RID

Designer ∙ Artist Author

Art is my passion, and I love to share my unique perspectives and expressions through design, watercolor, acrylic, and photography.

I was born with a passion for color and a love for nature's gorgeous flowers, the ocean and her shells, and sacred geometry, also known as the Golden Mean.


In 2008 I established deCamville Design, a creative studio in Texas, where I paint, write, and design textile patterns for the Hospitality, home decor, and fashion industries.


My mission is to bring more beauty to the world, and to inspire, empower and uplift people through my art.

I am proud to donate a portion of my proceeds to Habitat for Humanity of Smith County, Texas for seniors, veterans and those in need of safe, affordable housing.


Thank you for visiting!


Patricia Wilson Headshot by Greg Kaspar.

Fine Art, Textiles, Gluten-Free Living
Be Well. Eat Well. Live Well.

Patricia Wilson, RID ∙ Founder/Owner ∙ deCamville Design

1227 Hilltop Run, Hideaway, TX 75771

903 216 1669  pw @ patriciacwilson com


A Texas Business. TBAE BR 727. Patricia Wilson RID 10822. Duane Mitchell RA 11012. Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit 3-20372-2579-7

Portrait by Greg Kaspar.

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